Friday, March 6, 2009

The Byzantine Game Episode 3: To The Church On Time (2:02:25)

Session 2, Part 1: The group approaches London, and finds the church they were sent to under assault by zombies...

Carlson as Coedwig Plentyn, Welsh Halfling Druid
Clay as Dakarai, Human Vandal Fighter/Monk
John as Iona, Elven Cleric of Uller
Just Mike as Saladin al Basra, Human Arabic Fighter/Rogue
Kaleb as Andagus, Human Nordic Barbarian
Stasia as Xialahlanna Liadon, Elven Sorcerer

GM: Mark Kinney

Promo: International Detective Dragons from Outer Space

Download the mp3 here (56.1 MB)

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