Saturday, May 30, 2009

Game Over

With yet another round of player turnover, not to mention some serious GMing mistakes on my part, things have come to an end.

There won't be any further episodes on this feed. Thanks for your interest!


  1. Well, why not release what you recorded, assuming you recorded something. Dissension would be entertaining, especially given that so many gamers are only happy when everything goes right.

  2. I hope this wasn't a case of folks getting upset at "Just Mike" à la the early “All Games Considered” podcasts. Frankly, I felt the “Lord of the Fish” offered insightful and amusing commentary. His omniscient “Oh Boy” prior to the first battle in Episode 2 was an audio classic.

  3. There are two main reasons I'm probably not going to put them out, and dissension isn't one of them, really. One big reason was things were so involved with the battlemat that I'm not sure there was enough real description of what was going on in later episodes (there are some places where I broke away from that, and maybe I'll present those highlights at some point. This ties into the other reason, though, that being that I've got a lot of other projects on my plate, so this would be back-burner at best.

    Still, something may happen; I've pitched the idea of doing this with the GutterSkypes, and I could well end up giving it another try at some point even beyond that. For now, though, I have a book to finish writing and preparations for summer conventions for AGC, and based on some of my above-mentioned experiences with the battle mat, I've found myself mulling a modified BECMI D&D style game using Aspects/Fate Points a la Spirit of the Century.

    And it was nothing to do with anyone being upset with Mike, either. Mostly, it was player turnover, new people not really getting into the game as much, and a tendency to go tactical, inspired by the mat and minis. It finally reached a point that bringing in yet another infusion of new people would both be difficult, and dilute the "fate spawned quest" feeling.